Dante’s Italian Deli

Company Info

In 2007, The Catering Crew Int’l was looking for an establishment in which they could cook their fine foods so that they could share themselves, their love for food and their making a difference in the Greater Los Angeles area. Instead, what they found was an establishment for sale. The Catering Crew then acquired an Italian deli in the Oak Tree Lanes plaza that was once known as Giuseppe’s. After changes to the current site after the final purchase, Dante’s Italian Deli came into existence.

Named after Dante Pignotti, his family recipes from Italy are utilized here. With executive chefs who have worked at establishments such as the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, and Zucca in Downtown Los Angeles, they have also put in their services and recipes to give you fine dining foods at deals you would not begin to think of. Even our employees create their own sandwiches so that they can share their love of food with you.

Here at Dante’s, we provide the best sandwiches you can find in the City of Diamond Bar. All of our foods are made from scratch and with the best ingredients we can find. We provide catering of our foods with meat and cheese platters and orders of any foods we make here at Dante’s that serves any number of people you are looking to cater. We have indoor and outdoor seating, pizza parties, free wireless internet and we are a place to study and hang out for families and their friends as we have a friendly environment that caters to any group of any size. We even deliver orders on a five mile radius.

We, here at Dante’s, invite you to share your day with us and let us share our food with you. Come on by, hang out and let us make you a pizza, some pasta or a sandwich and relax during your break at lunch or at dinner with your family. We’re open throughout the day and evening til 8:30pm Monday through Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday until 10:00pm. Let’s hang out!